Meal delivery volunteer and a future Freeman resident, Sandy Kelman (85) started volunteering at Freeman Court in October last year soon after the Covid-19 lockdown was lifted.

“You know, you get a bit depressed always watching television and reading books,” Sandy said.

After living by himself for the past 11 years, Sandy loves going out, meeting new people and feels volunteering is a great way to keep active and “do something for the community”. He is moving in at Freeman in August 2021 so that he doesn’t have to worry about his house, taxes, insurance and other utilities anymore and plans to continue delivering hot midday meals to older people in the Te Awamutu community.

This year Freeman Court has delivered 5123 meals with the help of 18 amazing volunteers and staff members. Freeman Court’s meal delivery service is for older people who enjoy the independence and comfort of their own home, and would also like to enjoy a delicious hot meal at midday, without having to cook.